I am…

I am moving away from life clutter. I am moving against social acceptance and guilt. I am moving with intuition and a desire to thrive. I am moving toward simplicity and contentment. #30Layers30Days

The Ultimate Blog Party 2014 #UBP14

Hello and welcome to Viva La She. It’s still a work in progress as I import posts from my other blog, Sophistishe. Sophistishe started as a personal blog and evolved into a lifestyle blog… so I had to find a new place for my personal thoughts. I’ve been blogging since 2001, back when blogging was […]

Oh, Juicy

I scribbled this on an envelope while saucing the chicken. You ever think you’ll never be able to love another child like your first? And then comes your second… and it’s not that you love them more… it’s that you’re reliving the sentiments of your first all over again… and then some. Oh, Juicy. Thanks […]

Under Construction

Working on this space when I am able. I don’t mind if you see the mess. Letting go of perfection.

Self-Employment Struggle

I feel like I work so hard with very little to show for it… besides the pretty digital footprint. One step forward, two steps back. I glance at my vision board realizing my accomplishments. I great big puffy heart my ambition, but see my goals fading further away. Quite frankly, I’m damn tired of dancing […]

50’s Day Dapper

Yesterday was the 50th day of school. In celebration, the kids dressed up and had a Sock Hop. Poodle skirts and hair ties were suggested for the girls, white tees and jeans for the guys. Bore. Snore. Definitely not what I had in mind. Here’s the outfit I quickly put together. He absolutely loved it! […]

Attached, Yet Free

It’s funny how parenting perspectives shift after becoming a parent. When Elijah was in utero, I had all sorts of ideas of how we were going to care for our new addition. In the end, we applied a go with the flow approach, doing what felt right. Many of these things are associated with the […]

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