The Ultimate Blog Party 2014 #UBP14


Hello and welcome to Viva La She. It’s still a work in progress as I import posts from my other blog, Sophistishe. Sophistishe started as a personal blog and evolved into a lifestyle blog… so I had to find a new place for my personal thoughts. I’ve been blogging since 2001, back when blogging was all about sharing random musings, so I feel an emptiness when I am unable to do so.

Had to reshare these little guys. #tatumlets

I have two scrumptious boys and a hot husband. He told me to say that. I refer to the boys as Eli and Mar on this blog because those are the nicknames I will eventually call them once they are too grown for Boogie and Juicy. There are other reasons and if you stick around for a while, you’ll learn what makes them special. ;-)

Self expression, wanderlust, art, and the crunchy life are my jams. I’m an introvert who can go on and on and on about the things that I’m passionate about, but enough about me. Introduce yourself! Instagram and Pinterest is where I hang. Let’s connect!

(Ultimate Blog Party ’14)

Oh, Juicy

I scribbled this on an envelope while saucing the chicken.

You ever think you’ll never be able to love another child like your first? And then comes your second… and it’s not that you love them more… it’s that you’re reliving the sentiments of your first all over again… and then some.

Oh, Juicy. Thanks for serving up the happy when we need it most.

(Just Write)

Under Construction

Working on this space when I am able. I don’t mind if you see the mess. Letting go of perfection. :)

Self-Employment Struggle


I feel like I work so hard with very little to show for it… besides the pretty digital footprint. One step forward, two steps back.

I glance at my vision board realizing my accomplishments. I great big puffy heart my ambition, but see my goals fading further away. Quite frankly, I’m damn tired of dancing in the rain.


In my inbox lies opportunity to try again. Maybe I’ll reach the checkpoint.


I’m obviously in my feels today. Digging Akilah’s post {Recognizing Rock Bottom and Embracing Transition} out from my speak da truth files.

50′s Day Dapper

Yesterday was the 50th day of school. In celebration, the kids dressed up and had a Sock Hop. Poodle skirts and hair ties were suggested for the girls, white tees and jeans for the guys. Bore. Snore. Definitely not what I had in mind. Here’s the outfit I quickly put together. He absolutely loved it!



Hat – Epoch / Blazer – Harajuku Mini / Pant – H&M / Shoe – TKS (thrifted)

Inspiration = Sammy Davis Jr. & Mos Def


Photo Cred: Ebony & Trashness

Attached, Yet Free

sleepywrapbobaeli It’s funny how parenting perspectives shift after becoming a parent. When Elijah was in utero, I had all sorts of ideas of how we were going to care for our new addition. In the end, we applied a go with the flow approach, doing what felt right. Many of these things are associated with the Attachment Parenting style. At the time I had no idea Attachment Parenting was thing. All I cared about was accommodating our growing family of three.

We had plans for a nursery. Since we planned to move a few months after having Elijah, we didn’t set anything up and we co-slept with him. Once we moved, we had no desire to set up a nursery. Co-sleeping was far more comfortable and easier on me since I was breastfeeding. Speaking of which, I thought it would be a great idea to pump and let Greg bottle feed Elijah as a way for them both to bond. After realizing how difficult and painful pumping was, I decided to do away with that idea.

Oh and let’s talk car seats. The infant “bucket” seats with the handles. We received one and used it all of once. It was far too much work carrying that clunky thing in and out of stores and establishments. I found it much easier to just wear Elijah instead. When Elijah was an infant, I was introduced to the Sleepy Wrap, now called the Boba Wrap and it made life as a new mom SO much easier. Not only did I wear Elijah out, but most of the day at home. He was so content wrapped up and burrowed in mama’s bosom. With the Boba Wrap, I was able to work and complete daily tasks around the house hands and tear-free because baby Elijah refused to lay alone.

We still apply these same concepts with Marley. We co-sleep, breastfeed, and babywear. We’ve since added more essentials from Boba. Most of our babywearing has been done in Boba’s structured carrier since he liked to wiggle out of the wrap. On crisp spring days, we wore the Boba vest which kept us both snuggly warm. Our parenting style has allowed us to bond with the boys in a way that feels right for us. Attached, yet free.

Boba Vest

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Boba. The opinions and text are all mine.

Comfy Joey Custom Ring Slings


I love wearing my babies. When I wore Elijah, we used a wrap, pouch slings, and structured carriers. With Marley, we used a wrap very briefly and dove right on in to structured carriers. Structured carriers have been my goto, but now that it’s warmed up, I’ve been wanting a little more freedom from buckles and padded straps and something a little more dainty. I’ve always wanted a ring sling and the main thing that’s held me back was price.

When searching for rings slings comparable to a popular and more expensive brand… I discovered Comfy Joey and I literally squealed in excitement. Comfy Joey’s ring slings are SO gorgeous and their prices are right. They offer slings for everyday wear and special occasions. There’s something for everyone. Prices start at $62.50 for the linen blend and $72.50 for the linen slings. They also offer custom slings (available in silk as well) that range from $97.50 to $227.50. It all depends on how fancy you’re feeling.


While my budget is best fit for the linen blend and linen slings, let me share with you how fabulous the customs are. Ayesha of Comfy Joey let me design my own linen ring sling which I absolutely love (disclosure). It took me a bit to decide on the colors as I had so many vibrant color choices! I chose a color scheme that would compliment most of my earthy wardrobe. I chose ginger-chai as my main color and coral-rose, chocolate-brown, and lemon-grass for the tail panels.


The slings from the Design Your Own Sling Collection are luxurious. They feature a versatile CJ Hybrid Shoulder, which allows the fabric to be spread wide to hug the shoulder or gathered to eliminate pressure points and offer freedom of movement for the ring-side arm with very little bulk. I love these features because I can adjust the sling to our comfort as Marley grows.

To add to Comfy Joey’s fabulousity, they also offer toddler-width linens with a hybrid shoulder for extended wearing as well as sling to wrap conversions. All Comfy Joey Slings are made to order in the US with an estimated turnaround of 3-4 weeks. For a faster turnarond, Comfy Joey Slings can also be purchased at in-store and online retailers.


I don’t want to sound overzealous or anything… but this sling is everything. And because I’d love to be rewarded in store credit, I’ve signed on as an affiliate of Comfy Joey. So if you’re thinking about making a purchase, I’d love if you’d mention me and/or use my unique URL. It’s pool and beach season, so you may want to check out the mesh water slings. Hint hint, nudge nudge. ;-)