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I currently have my nose in a self-help book. I’m kind of fascinated with the self-help community. It is the self-help community and positive thinkers and supporters who have gotten me through my transition of angst and uncertainty to becoming a self-reliant adult. And the thing is… everything I have read, chatted about, or have been presented with, I already knew and agreed with wholeheartedly, but it took someone else to put things into perspective for me.

It feels empowering knowing there are so many people out there who share the same way of thinking. I’m a facts, figures, and examples girl and a simple “You can do it” has never been enough for me. That type of “encouragement” has never worked for me because I never believed it to be genuine. I don’t know, it just seems so blah. Like “Get out of your rut and do it already” or “I know you can do it is the right thing to say and it’s my duty to say so, so I will.” I need to know WHY and HOW I can do something… what makes me a good candidate? And the people in my safe circle (too many to list/link) have done just that. They.just. They.get.it. They all believe that life is simply too short for the caged life and live abundantly with charge.

A person living a Caged Life is living in the past… bound to previous expectations and experiences of others. They are scared to disappoint their masters and trap themselves and never venture out because it’s not “safe”. A main source of my Social Anxiety stems from past ridicule and expectations. You are taught to finish school, because you won’t be shit otherwise. Get that great career… outside of the home… you and your mate. Get married and wait until your 30’s when your reproductive organs are on the verge of going stale to start a family. Well things did not work out that way but dammit, if I ain’t living a more fulfilled life, then I don’t know what to call it. Hubby and I work together from home. We have the freedom to pick up and travel, and move as we please. We are available to our child 24/7 and we are not missing out on any of his precious moments.

A person living a Comfortable Life has secured all of the things that they thought they needed… house, spouse, car, and kids through hard work, a little overtime and sacrifices, but now what? One may think to themselves, “I have all that I need, I should be grateful. What’s wrong with me?” but something inside is nagging them restless to do more. I feel myself kind of in that zone of comfort. I have accomplished so much looking back. And I have accumulated so many things and I had have thoughts over and over about those things, like “Wow, look at all this stuff, these physical things. Never would I have imagined to be living this sweet at this time in my life, but something intangible is missing and I won’t truly be happy until we are there. We must go after it.”

A person living a Charged Life is always wondering if they’re living the fullest version of themselves. They are constantly questioning their purpose and how they can fine tune it. That’s me all of the way. I mean, you only live once, ride it ’til the wheels fall off! Right? I’m always trying something new whether I’m rearranging furniture, my blog, trying a new recipe, or dreaming of a new destination to travel to or activity to partake in… a new writing style even. Well, honestly, this is my TRUE writing style. I like to use “sentence enhancers” when I am sharing a part of me that I am passionate about. So if you are offended by the few in this post, I make no apologies. This is who I am. I do believe in drawing a line and upholding a standard of professionalism depending on the situation, but this sponsored opportunity is so fitting, I’m letting it hang out today.

Chargers are:
Open and observant in the moment
Future oriented
Challenge seekers
Deeply interested in, and authentically connect with others
Creatively driven
Meaning makers

I see life as a puzzle and I am determined to complete it. I’m stubborn and if I can’t get things to match up, I will rearrange until I find a solution. Greg can attest to that. To me, the sky truly is the limit; hell, the moon and stars even. There are so many things I’d like to accomplish in life for myself… for my family. And I will. I’ll figure out a way, rearranging, reevaluating, on my journey living the Charged life.

Reading The Charge reassured me that I am in full Charge mode and it serves as motivation to continue moving forward. If you are unsure of how to live a Charged life, need a little motivation to get your mojo flowing, I suggest reading The Charge as Brendon takes us through the 10 Human Drives that make you feel alive; control, compentence, congruence, caring, connection, change, challenge, creative expression, contribution, and consciousness. Brendon is offering a free copy of The Charge, less a shipping fee. Sweet. You may want to get while the getting’s good.

Additionally, you can share with us what makes you feel most alive for a chance to win a High Performance Academy Online Seminar with Brendon Burchard, author of The Charge (valued at $1,000).

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Burchard Group Sponsored Conversation. The opinions and text belong to me… a real person, caged no more.

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